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What is a micro-school?

Micro-schooling refers to a school where students meet fewer than five days per week, where class size is typically smaller than most schools. Typically, families who go to micro-schools are registered as homeschooling families, and the micro-school helps establish a core set of learning experiences that parents and educators can then expand upon and personalize for their children. Classes tend to be more focused and impact impactful due to meeting fewer times in the week.

The American Family Education Home Office is located in Mesa, AZ. The role of the Home Office is to connect AFE programs of true education around the world by maintaining the program website, organizing events, and other promotions. The Home Office also incorporates input from local leaders to set policies and direction for program development. Local Groups have the responsibility to honor the parents in that local community, and the Home Office sets the foundational philosophy and training materials to be used at the local level.

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