Inspiring Discovery

Discovery Studies:

Learning to search, describe and explain to understand and comprehend

a.k.a. SCIENCE

Since God is the master scientist and Creator, there is great value in the discovery of how He used science to create the world around you. To do this, it is important to include a study of His records.

Answers are found by asking questions and taking action. To truly comprehend truth it is necessary to understand the physical and spiritual concepts, then be able to teach with their own personally created science journal. After the students experience, experiment with and research a topic in modern and historical resources to understand the “what” and “how” of the world, they turn their focus to the scriptures for the “WHY” and record their discoveries in their own science notebook.

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Children start out with a natural desire to discover their world. These interests can be encouraged and developed. Even asking the question why, although simple, is an extremely important tool for development. A common response would be to give an answer or quiet the asker.. this would be a missed learning opportunity! When someone is seeking the answer to “WHY” their mind is open to making new connections and it is time to encourage them to develop their skills for discovery! We should be waking this part of ourselves up and taking confidence in that there ARE answers to our questions.

For our youngest children, we encourage them to ask why and then to imagine the answers that make sense to them. As they start to work things out in their mind, they have family and teacher to help guide them to resources, ideas, and information that teach truth. The main skill for the “teacher/influencer” is the skill of answering questions with questions.

For example:

What do you think about that? What does it remind you of?

What have you tried so far? How do you imagine it works?

Where have you looked for the answer? Have you looked in the dictionary (or other appropriate resource)?

As the skill to discover develops, your role as guide is vital to make sure that the student includes consideration for concepts that connect and provide depth of understanding.

For example:

Now that you understand why our garden needs sunlight.. what does that remind you of? What else is growing right now? You, that’s right! Do you need sun light? What could sun light represent in our lives? What do the scriptures say about light? etc.

The learning possibilities are endless.. the point is that the students learn how to not only ask great questions, but to then have the skills to find the answers.

It is highly recommended that at home and for use at school, every students had easy access to the following:

  • scriptures
  • (at least one) dictionary
  • thesaurus
  • detailed resources for their current topic of study
  • art supplies, a notebook or binder with paper for recording their discoveries

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