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Learn to communication with a heart of service

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines language arts as: the subjects (as reading, spelling, literature, and composition) that aim at developing the student’s comprehension and capacity for use of written and oral language.

American Family Education help you now learn how to use your communication to serve and has therefore expanded the definition to be:  the study of Language Arts is to understand the foundational skills of all forms of verbal and written expression and to have a purposeful means to powerfully impact the world through service.

Academic service projects expand writing and communication skills. What if all your communications were done with an intent to serve? Learning exercises help student to learn the principles of writing and communication. Students take the needed care to produce acceptable, quality work that would genuinely serve the recipient. Students have opportunities to learn from each other and participate in group academic service projects for the community.

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Younger students are learning through the examples of their peers, family, teachers and friends on how to communicate. Correct grammar is taught in the AFE Foundations level, further understanding of language’s purpose and use is learned in the AFE Explorers level.

At the scholar level and beyond it’s time to apply and serve with our communication. See AFE Language Arts Student Guide (printable, written for a self paced study for a scholar or mission phase level student who has accomplished the Foundation & Explorer level goals). In this guide, skills are taught, one at a time and practiced in three stages:

  1. Reinforce the Principle
  2. Application in Scripture
  3. Create a Service Project

Each service project should be meaningful and special. Upon completion, students record their experience creating and giving away each service project in their journal.

The skills are divided into three categories: Private Skills (for personal development), Public Skills (for connecting to community) and Leadership Skills (for impacting positive change).

Language Arts is central to all other academic endeavors and turning your hearts toward positive communication will literally impact all areas of your life. Upon completion of this guide it is recommended you seek additional opportunities to serve and practice these principles as related to your communities’ needs and your unique purpose and mission.


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Teacher Resources:

  • AFE Foundations Guide
  • AFE Explorers Guides
  • The student guide provides great ideas for teacher led group studies/activities for Explorers & Scholars.
  • AFE Teacher Guide for The Founding Documents (printable, work in progress, for Scholars & Mission Phase students who have accomplished their Foundations & Explorer Goals)
  • COMING SOON training videos
  • Wishlist – Law, Legislation & Liberty guide to the language of government and contracts that promote liberty, The Majesty of God’s Law guide to the law of Moses


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